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Salt and Light

Dr. David Evans
Matthew 5:13-20

  We are doing a deep-dive into the 5th chapter of the gospel of Matthew during the month of February.   The 5th chapter is the first of three chapters that comprise what the Church has come to know as the …

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Micah 6 Dedicates the “Dan Robertson Food Pantry”

February 19, 2017

Dan Robertson Early Bird Team 12-29-16 Karen Miller

Micah 6 “Early Bird” Team unloads 7,000 pound of food each week from the Central Texas Food Bank. Dan Robertson, third from left, was a faithful early bird team member, UPC representative to the Micah 6 board, and Micah 6 board president through 2015.

In 2016, UPC Session approved a request from the Micah 6 Board of Directors to dedicate the food pantry here at UPC as the “Micah 6 Dan Robertson Food Pantry.” Prior to his death in December 2015, Dan served this ministry a faithful volunteer, fund raiser, and board member, and was board president for several years.

Please join the Micah 6 board, staff, and volunteers, along with Dan’s family, Sunday, February 19, at 1:00 p.m. in the Great Hall as they celebrate his service and dedicate the food pantry to his memory.
All are welcome!