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Salt and Light

Dr. David Evans
Matthew 5:13-20

  We are doing a deep-dive into the 5th chapter of the gospel of Matthew during the month of February.   The 5th chapter is the first of three chapters that comprise what the Church has come to know as the …

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Welcoming the Stranger

February 12, 2017

A young girl is detained at the Texas-Mexico borderA look at immigration through the lens of our faith

The Social Witness Committee and Faith & Life Class invite you to a three-part series on immigration, February 12, 19, and 26, 9:30 a.m. in the Great Hall.

Everyone is welcome!

February 12: Introduction to the topic and its intersection with our Christian faith;

The UPC Social Witness Committee will share a brief overview of immigration and the Presbyterian Church’s history with regard to immigration. The Reverend Margaret Aymer will discuss her personal experiences as an immigrant and her perspective on what our Christian responsibility is with regard to welcoming the stranger among us.

Feb 19: Focus on Refugees:
Merinda Cutler, Austin Volunteer Coordinator with Refugee Services of Texas, will discuss some of these questions:

  • How many refugees does the US Department of State relocate to our city each year?
  • What does this journey look like and what type of “vetting” do refugees go through before being approved to come to our country?
  • Once here, what services and assistance do they receive?
  • How can we help these families and individuals get a good start on their new life as a Texan?

Feb 26: Focus on People Seeking Asylum:
We will share a video entitled “Locked in a Box” that was produced by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and Lu-theran Social Services. The video interviews asylum seekers who are in detention and emphasizes the importance of visitation for these people who are awaiting a court’s decision as to whether or not they should be granted asylum. Lenna Baxter with the Interfaith Welcome Coalition in San Antonio will discuss what an asylum seeker’s journey in Texas looks like. She will share ways we can help support asylum seekers, either as individuals or as a congregation.