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Sermons from October 2010

Chancel Choir Sermon in Song

Chancel Choir

October 31, 2010
Ephesians 1:11-23

Chilcott Requiem Chancel Choir Sermon in Song Requiem   by Bob Chilcott  Be sure to click on the audio button to hear the wonderful music. Born in Plymouth, England, Bob Chilcott began his musical journey as a chorister at King’s College, …

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Shock Treatment

San Williams

October 24, 2010
Luke 18:9-14

10-24-2010 Sermon This morning each of us has come to the church to pray. A few of you even came into the sanctuary before worship began to have a few moments to prayerfully prepare. Following the Prayer of Confession, we …

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The Kingdom is Like Leaven

Theodore J. Wardlaw

October 17, 2010
Luke 13:20-21

10-17-2010 Sermon I am thinking this morning about boundaries. Boundaries are those lines we draw between one another, the ways in which we create our space that is differentiated from somebody else’s space; and boundaries are not bad things. Not …

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Abundance Re-defined

San Williams

October 10, 2010
John 2:1-11

10-10-2010 Sermon Weddings are rarely, if ever, simple affairs. Today we’re grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the marriage of Ara and Becky as part of the Sunday worship. Making the wedding part of the Sunday service offers a vivid …

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World Communion Sunday

Judy Skaggs

October 3, 2010
Luke 17:5-10

10-03-2010 Sermon As a way of introduction this morning, I want to share a little of the way I have been thinking about the gospel passage for today. This text we have to deal with today is somewhat difficult. So …

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