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Sermons from January 2012

Sabbath Teaching

Kathy Escandell

January 29, 2012
Mark 1:21-28

The synagogue in Capernaum. A Sabbath service.  In such a setting, we expect people to be gathered in quiet contemplation and respectful attention as they worship and learn. Mark paints a very different picture. In Mark’s telling, we see a …

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Christ’s Compelling Call

San Williams

January 22, 2012
Mark 1:14-20

Thanks to the Chancel Choir for their anthem this morning. It was based on Albert Schweitzer’s profound words on Christian discipleship. As many of you know, Albert Schweitzer was unusually gifted, both musically and intellectually. He could easily have had …

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Speak God. I’m Ready to Listen

San Williams

January 15, 2012
1 Samuel 3:1-10 (10-20)

This story of the calling of Samuel is one of the iconic stories in the Bible.  It often appears in children’s books of favorite Bible stories, right along with Moses and the burning bush, Noah and the flood, and Daniel …

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Almost Christian

San Williams

January 8, 2012
Acts 19:1-7

01-08-2012 Sermon Baptism of the Lord Sunday Almost Christian.   That provocative term is actually the title of a recent book by Kenda Creasy Dean. The book is based on the results of the National Study of Youth and Religion. The …

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The Blessing of Epiphany

John Leedy

January 1, 2012
Matthew 2:1-12

01-01-2012 Sermon I wonder if they were surprised.  Those three wise men, those three Magi.  If we could have only seen the look on their faces.  I would imagine the scene to look something akin to three well-groomed men in …

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