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Sermons from February 2012


San Williams

February 26, 2012
Mark 1:9-15

02-26-2012 Sermon 1st Sunday in Lent I don’t pay much attention to the news coming out of Hollywood.  Neither am I up on the current music scene.  Still, like nearly every American, I heard some of the media blitz surrounding …

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February 19, 2012

02-19-2012 Sermon The National Geographic television channel recently aired a program about a rapidly growing movement in our nation. The program featured the millions of Americans who are feverishly preparing for what they fear is going to happen. They call …

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Jesus and the Armadillo

John Leedy

February 12, 2012
Mark 1:40-45

02-12-2012 Sermon It was hot that day.  The sweltering, dry sun beat against the man’s already burning, red skin.  His skin, his wretched, leprous skin.  His source of shame, isolation, and great impurity.  Cast out from society, from his family, …

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Two Kinds of People

San Williams

February 5, 2012
Mark 1:29-39

02-05-2012 Sermon My sermon this morning starts with a simple idea:  There are two kinds of people in the world.  Such a statement may give rise to a collective groan.  Mark Twain once made fun of folks who classified the …

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