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Sermons from April 2013


Kathy Escandell

April 28, 2013
John 13:31-35

04-28-2013 Sermon I had a long-scheduled dental check-up on my calendar. My husband had just been diagnosed with throat cancer. Because I don’t love to go to the dentist, I knew if I cancelled the appointment, I’d find endless reasons not …

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Overcoming Loss

San Williams

April 21, 2013
Acts 9:36-43

04-21-2013 Sermon The fourth Sunday in Easter is always called Good Shepherd Sunday. That’s why the choir chose the selections they did for the Introit and anthem.  That same shepherding theme is also sounded in our hymns this morning as well …

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The Resurrection Effect

San Williams

April 7, 2013
John 20:19-31

04-07-2013 Sermon Those of you who were here on Easter Sunday will recall what a celebration we experienced– large crowds, glorious music, beautiful flowers. Yet as joyful and uplifting as last Sunday was for us, it’s the days and weeks after …

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