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Sermons from September 2013

The Ones with No Names

Krystal Leedy

September 29, 2013
Luke 16:19-31

The rich man is still ordering people around. He can’t stop. Even in death, the rich man still calls upon Abraham to tell Lazarus that he’s thirsty, as he sits among the flames in hell. Can you just see the …

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Something Lost: Everything Gained

San Williams

September 22, 2013
Luke 16:1-13

09-22-2013 Sermon This is one doozie of a parable. Of the many parables Jesus told, this one, arguably, is the most difficult to interpret.  Pick up almost any commentary on this parable and here’s a sampling of what you’ll read:  “There …

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Bountiful Joy

Len Carrell

September 15, 2013
Luke 15:1-10

09-15-2013 Sermon God who has gathered us in, the lost and the lonely, the broken and the breaking, the tired and the aching. All those who long for nourishment found at God’s joyful feast. God has gathered us in. I bring …

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Jesus Thins Out the Crowd

San Williams

September 8, 2013
Luke 14:25-33

09-08-2013 Sermon Wow.  What a terrible scripture reading for Rally Sunday! Now that summer is over, folks are back from vacations, students are back in school, and we’re thrilled to have a larger crowd in worship this morning.  We’re doing our …

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You Also

Kathy Escandell

September 1, 2013
Matthew 20:1-16

09-01-2013 Sermon This Sunday brings us to the end of our summer sermon series. Over the past 13 weeks, using suggestions from the congregation, we have explored together some practices of discipleship, some difficult theological questions and some social issues. Each …

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