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In the Event of an Emergency

The Reverend Matt Gaventa
Matthew 18:1-14

A Reading from the Gospel of Matthew At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, ‘Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?’ He called a child, whom he put among them, and said, ‘Truly I tell …

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Becoming a Member

Why Become A Member?

Being a Christian isn’t easy. Ordinary life has so many demands and pressure on our time, talents and funds that, at times, our priorities shift or become misaligned.

Joining UPC offers you

  • a safe place to explore your faith, offering food for the mind and spirit
  • an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment, and reaffirm the priorities in your life to God and his people

The Meaning of Church Membership

“The incarnation of God in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ gives to the church not only its mission but also its understanding of membership. One becomes an active member of the church through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and acceptance of his Lordship of life. Baptism and a public profession of faith in Jesus as Lord are the visible signs of entrance into the active membership of the church.”
– Book of Order for the Presbyterian Church, USA

Membership Types

Full Membership
Traditional membership within the community at UPC by either Affirmation of Faith and Baptism, Reaffirmation of Faith, or by Transfer of Church Letter.

Affiliate Membership
Designed for University students and others who will be in our community for a short-time and wish to retain their primary membership in their home congregation while demonstrating their commitment to God and the community at UPC in Austin.

Member Responsibilities

The UPC community is vibrant and alive as we challenge members to practice the presence based upon our faith and mission. This includes worship, service and community.

  • Two ways to explore your faith: There are many ways to actively explore your faith including active participation in Worship, Christian Education, Music, Small Groups, Retreats.
  • Three ways to demonstrate your faith and commitment to God: Demonstrating faith and commitment through our daily lives as well as participating in Mission Projects, teaching Sunday School, singing in Choir, serving on the Session or Committees, and contributing financially, to name a few.

Basic Beliefs 101 Class

This class is held a few times a year usually for four consecutive Sundays. We invite folks who are new to the church… who have questions and/or doubts and would like a safe place to share them… who want to know more about what Presbyterians believe… who are thinking about joining the church but want to learn more about the congregation’s mission… If you’re one of these folks, come and join us! We welcome your questions! For more information, contact San or Kathy.  Next class will be held the 4 Sunday in October 2012.

Newcomers Luncheon

Several times a year, our members and staff host Sunday afternoon luncheons for all those who are interested in exploring more about the life and ministry of UPC, the meaning of membership, and learning more about the Presbyterian Church.

We encourage visitors and new members to join us for the luncheons. Please contact the church office if you have questions.

Membership Process

On the first Sunday of each month, the Session (our governing body) meets in the church library (located between the sanctuary and church office) immediately following worship to receive new members. Members are received in one of four ways:

1. By Affirmation of Faith and Baptism. This is for persons who have not made an affirmation of faith or been previously baptized.

2. By Reaffirmation of Faith. This is for persons who have previously made an affirmation of faith and received the sacrament of baptism, but who now desire to reaffirm their faith.

3. By Transfer of Church Letter. This is for persons who are transferring their membership from another church.

4. By Becoming an Affiliate Member. University students and others who will be in our community for a limited time, often join as affiliates. Affiliate members retain their membership in their home church.