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Construction Updates

Check here for weekly updates on the Phase II Renovations.

February 17, 2012
To all:
Elements continuing to date:
1)       Radius Concrete Wall @ tree
2)       Main concrete landing poured
3)       Steel for Upper Landing & stairs installed
4)       French Drain behind wall installed
5)       Backfill behind radius wall started
6)       Waste line replacement at lower level installed
7)       Solar Screens installed @ Glass Block windows
8)       Start Ceiling Fan install @ Great Hall

Work scheduled for the next (2) weeks:
1)       Complete backfill of wall over French Drain
2)       Concrete pour of lower ramp up to landing # 2
3)       Concrete Trench Drain @ Courtyard
4)       Concrete @ Upper Mid-level Stair Landing
5)       Concrete @ Upper Landing @ Youth Room
6)       Complete Ceiling Fan install @ Great Hall
7)       Start light fixture install @ Great Hall

February 6, 2012
Progress over the past few weeks:
1)       Millwork installed @ Kitchen
2)       Stainless Steel Counters installed @ Kitchen
3)       Light fixtures installed @ Kitchen
4)       Kitchen Appliances received and set in place in Kitchen
5)       Kitchen is 95 % complete
6)       Start installing wood doors / hardware
7)       Poured main radius ramp wall @ Courtyard

Work scheduled for next few weeks:
1)       Continue wood door and hardware installation
2)       Plaster @ Great Hall Courtyard Doors
3)       Plaster install around glass block windows @ Choir Room
4)       Great Hall light fixtures scheduled for delivery 2-27-12
5)       Continue concrete walls and ramps @ Courtyard

January 13, 2012
Recent progress on the project:
1.) Ceiling Grid installed in Kitchen
2.) Venthood / Duct for new stove @ Kitchen
3.) FRP wall panels in Kitchen
4.) Quarry Floor Tile @ Kitchen
5.) Start dropping ceiling tile in Great Hall
6.) Set new exterior door frames at Great Hall
7.) New A/C unit for Choir Room is installed
8.) Relocated A/C unit for Kitchen is installed
9.) Additional Fire Alarm devices installed @ Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, Library, Main Level Corridor
10.) Excavation for lower level radius ramp @ Courtyard completed
11.) Start new wall construction @ Fellowship Hall Kitchen
12.) Wall preparation for painting

Construction tasks anticipated during the next two weeks:
1.) Pour concrete radius ramp lower foundation @ Courtyard 1-13-12
2.) Start ramp walls
3.) Complete ceiling tile installation @ Great Hall – by Friday 1-20-12
4.) Install lights @ Kitchen – by Friday 1-20-12
5.) Install new wood cabinets @ Kitchen – start 1-16-12
6.) Install new stainless steel counters @ Kitchen – start 1-16-12
7.) Install and connect plumbing fixtures @ Kitchen
8.) Install ceiling tile @ Kitchen
9.) Pour concrete landings @ new Stair Tower
10.) Continue painting
Best Regard, Nathan Barry, Braun & Butler

December 27, 2011
Progress since the last update on November 16:
1. Structural steel for the elevated walkway is being installed.
2. Masonry for the stair tower walls is being laid.
3. Excavation for the courtyard wall footings is being done…although slowly due to rain over the last 2 weeks.
4. Stair tower walls have been waterproofed and backfilled.
5. French drain piping installed at stair tower walls.
6. Sheetrock in Great hall is complete.
7. Sheetrock in kitchen is 95% or more complete.
8. Ceiling grid in the great hall is complete.
9. Electrician is installing supports for light fixtures and ceiling fans in great hall.
10. Air handler units in the kitchen and choir room have been removed and new units installed. New hydronic piping and duct work is being installed.
11. The glass block frames and glass block has been installed in the kitchen and choir room.
12. Sprinkler heads have been properly located and elevations corrected.

Anticipated work in the next two weeks:
1. Sheetrock finished in kitchen.
2. Paint company starts tape and float work in preparation for paint of new sheetrock.
3. Ceiling grid in the kitchen.
4. Install FRP panels on the kitchen walls.
5. Ceramic tile in the kitchen.
6. Finish installation of the air handler units in the kitchen and choir room.
7. Install exterior door frames at the great hall.
8. Finish structural steel at courtyard.
9. Continue to form and pour courtyard walls and footers.
10. Install light fixtures at great hall.
11. Demo 2nd floor kitchen and frame new walls per plans.
Regards, Mack Ellis, Braun & Butler

Weeks 14 & 15 – November 17, 2011
Progress over the last two weeks:
1)       Two concrete pours – Stair Tower Floor, Stair Tower walls, Pilaster Grade Beam, Pilasters
2)       @ Kitchen – Plumbing piping in walls; Vent piping in walls; Gas piping in walls
3)       @ Kitchen – Electric conduit in walls
4)       Great Hall – Hanger wires for drop ceiling installed; Framing for gyp ceiling @ bay # 2 installed
5)       Walls for new exit @ Youth Room installed; old wall removed; Plaster repair remains to be completed
Anticipated work in the next two weeks:
1)       Continue concrete @ courtyard
2)       Install sheetrock @ Kitchen
3)       Install ceiling grid @ Great Hall
4)       Install wire for Fire Alarm System Expansion
5)       Extend wet sprinkler system heads @ new ceilings
6)       Install new air handler units @ Kitchen & Choir Room
Best Regards, Nathan P. Barry

San dedicated the October 27, 2011 concrete pour:

Weeks 12 & 13 – November 1, 2011

1.) We poured a concrete ‘mud’ slab and column footer foundations on Friday 10-21. The slab enabled the concrete crew to have a surface to work from.
2.) We formed and poured the main Stair Tower Slab on Thursday 10-27.
3.) Form work continues for the next slab pour @ the Stair Tower as well as the first section of concrete ramp from what will be the courtyard floor.
4.) We received brick for the walls today 11-1.
5.) The masons have in-filled (2) Choir windows and (1) Kitchen window.
6.) Waterproofing was installed on the North Foundation Wall. Gravel backfill has begun over a new 4” French Drain installed along this wall to channel water away after rain events.
7.) We received Hollow Metal door frames today. The drywall contractor has started installation.
8.) All of the Wet Sprinkler Piping mains have been modified as required. As soon as the new ceilings are installed, the final sprinkler drops will be installed.
9.) The below slab plumbing and electrical piping has been installed in the Kitchen. We will pour back concrete tomorrow morning. Best Regards, Nathan P. Barry

Weeks 10 & 11 – October 21, 2011 To All: Please see the following summary of the construction through 10-21-11:
1)      New Stair Tower mud slab and elevated walkway concrete footers are to be poured @ 2PM this afternoon – 10-21-11
2)      Electrical circuits are being confirmed. New wire being pulled to junction boxes in the Great Hall ceiling.
3)      Under slab demo for the new plumbing lines in the Kitchen are started; Plumbing rough-in on piping scheduled for inspection by the end on next week.
4)      Masonry in-fill completed at Kitchen door location;
One Kitchen window has initial masonry block work installed; (2) windows @ the choir room have the initial masonry block installed.
Work anticipated for next week:
1)      Waterproofing foundation wall @ Courtyard
2)      Start main stair tower slab
3)      Saw-cut new exterior door openings to Great Hall
4)      Under Slab Plumbing Rough @ Kitchen to complete
5)      Finish masonry brick infill @ select windows Have a great weekend!
Best Regards, Nathan P. Barry

Weeks 8 & 9 – October 7, 2011 To all:
1)       Work continues @ the Storage Rooms / East End of Great Hall; Electrical rough to complete Friday; Rough-in electrical inspection scheduled for Monday.
2)       Drywall framing complete @ East Great Hall Storage – framing and wall board inspection scheduled for Monday.
3)       Kitchen drywall framing completed – framing inspection scheduled for Monday. 4)       Reinforcing steel for first concrete footers to arrive mid-week. Have a nice weekend! Best Regards, Nathan P. Barry Week 7 – September 23, 2011 Good Morning to All: Progress this week:
1)      Balance of existing wall uncovered @ N/E corner of existing bldg.; partial backfill of the existing storm-line trench has been completed.
2)       Storm-line back-check assembly has been installed
3)       New Sump Manhole has been set
4)       Temporary wall shoring has been completed @ the stair tower location
5)       Trucking / haul off of excavated dirt continues
6)       Brick sample panel approved
Next week:
1)       Concrete work to begin at stair tower area
2)       Concrete drainage trench box construction to begin
3)       Concrete structural foundation for elevated walkway to begin
4)       Masonry infill @ selected windows to begin
5)       Start install of French Drain @ main Bldg foundation
Have a great weekend! Best regards, Nathan P. Barry

Week 6 – September 16, 2011 Good morning to All!
Progress for the week 9-12 through 9-16:
1)      Storm pipe has been installed from the Courtyard to the City of Austin storm line in the alley; Concrete will be poured today to encase the new pipe
2)      A drilling truck has started on digging holes for the shoring I-beams that will support steel plates to retain surrounding unsupported earth on the west side
3)      The masons have installed a sample brick panel for approval by the design team
4)      Several truck loads of excess dirt have been hauled from the site on Tuesday
5)      Another track excavator has been delivered to the site by the Utility Contractor
For next week:
1)      Complete west wall shoring
2)      Start concrete footer foundations
Best regards, Nathan P. Barry

Week 5 – September 9, 2011 The storm-line excavation continues.  The work is somewhat slow due to the tight work space, but we should be installing the first sections of piping this afternoon.  We will begin the next round of spoils haul-off on Monday.  The electrician has started running conduit in the Mechanical Building for the electrical items in the future courtyard.  The exterior windows on the alley side of the basement were removed and plywood installed over the openings.  We should have a storm-line extended into the main courtyard area sometime next week.  I will have the new wall layout in the kitchen installed for the plumber to start saw cutting the slab for the new underground plumbing. Have a blessed weekend.  Best Regards, Nathan P. Barry

Week 4 – September 2, 2011 Visual progress this week is minimal.  We are working on submitals (product data) that must be approved prior to build-back.  We have started excavation for the new storm line which will carry rain run-off to the city’s underground system.  The route of the storm line is between the main building and the mechanical building.  There is extremely limited space to operate due to the pecan tree root zone and piping from the main building to the mechanical building – most of the excavation will be by hand.  We will be removing windows on the alley side of the basement on Tuesday.  I continue to coordinate construction activities with University Co-Op – we want to be good neighbors!
Have a safe weekend! Best regards, Nathan P. Barry

Week 3 – August 26, 2011 Bulk excavation completed: Backfill material stockpiled on site. Track excavator taken off site. Kitchen demo completed.  Working out concrete design details.  Concrete work to begin in two weeks.  Storm line excavation to start 8/30/11.
Best Regards, Nathan P. Barry

Week 2 – August 19, 2011 Today completes the second week of the Phase – 2 project @ UPC. Week one consisted of setting up a perimeter construction fence to control access to the site. I know everyone is excited about the project and would like to see what’s going on but for safety reasons, everyone will have to look from a distance. I hope we can establish a viewing area from the Fellowship Hall in the coming weeks. Week two saw some real progress. We have excavated about 60% of the courtyard. We will have to leave a ramp for access to the bottom of the new courtyard for the concrete work which will start in about two weeks. We have completed 80% of the demo in the new kitchen area. Arrangements with Micah-6 have gone well. I am attaching some photos of the construction. Best regards, Nathan P. Barry Week 1 – August 8, 2011 Renovation work on the new courtyard commenced on Monday, August 8th.   The initial phase of the work will be digging the hole for the new courtyard.  Not only is this the right order of things from a construction point of view, but also—if Murphy’s Law holds—it should start to rain as soon as we get the hole dug! Work will also soon begin in the new kitchen and Great Hall.  The whole project is estimated to take seven months for completion. It’s exciting to see improvements underway.  Let’s pray for the safety of the workers and that God will open up new opportunities for mission through these re-purposed spaces. Shalom, San