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The Reverend Krystal Leedy
Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

If you tend toward the skeptical, like I do, you may wonder why a chunk of this gospel passage has been removed. There is an aside about how John the Baptist ended up in prison and how angry Herod was …

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“My daughter, Caroline, and I went on a mission trip with Don Bobb to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The trip has fostered a whole new and different sense of mission for me.  UPC’s mission orientation has been a continual source of inspiration for  its members, and the Congo mission trip is one of many examples”

— Craig

“In 2003, we returned to Austin and I was reminded that life sometimes brings challenges. Unlike in Memphis, there was no African American Presbyterian Church in Austin. We had to accept the challenge of finding a new Presbyterian church where we could each continue the service we were accustomed to rendering. We were welcomed at UPC with open arms and I found inner peace in knowing that I had a church home in which the presence of God never ceases.”

— Johnnie

“Back in 1998, when we first married, we visited several churches as we searched for the right fit. After that first visit to UPC, I remember, we were so excited as we were driving home from church. The pastors and community genuinely had welcomed us, encouraged our questions, and cheered our exploration of UPC.”

— Maureen

“Disconnected from church for fifteen years, I came to UPC to see if I could begin a faith journey, not walk a faith treadmill. Here I found my doubts and questions were not only accepted, but also encouraged as part of the journey toward an authentic, mature faith.”

— Bobbie

“UPC has been an important part of my life over the past twenty-four years, even more than I could have imagined. I think that we have become more and more mission-focused and justice-focused over time and that, with the help of our staff, we are building a culture that blesses the whole Austin community.”

— Bee

“Over time, my ideas about religious faith have grown, disappeared, wandered, reappeared with timidity, stretched, wavered, and hidden away. This church has provided a safety net for my thinking—a place and a community where I can be in thoughtful dialogue about what it means to learn to know God, even if that process includes doubt.”

— Nancy