What kind of legacy will you leave?

 “I will make God’s name be remembered in all the generations, therefore shall the people praise and give God thanks forever and ever” – Psalm 45:17

Your generosity can ensure that the ministries and missions of UPC continue to shape and change the lives of others. You’ve already given of your time, talents, and service. Now, you can create a legacy to nurture that which is most important to you.

UPC offers four endowments to which you may designate your gift. For more information about any of the following opportunities, get in touch with UPC Financial Manager Loree Misch.  

Please consult your own professional advisors before making a gift. 

UPC Tomorrow Fund

This endowment was established specifically for legacy gifts, to support the long-term growth and development of UPC, and to plant the seeds for the future.

Campus Ministry Endowment Fund (UKirk)

Campus ministry is an integral part of UPC’s mission. This endowment is central to our desire to be a welcoming home to college students for generations to come.

Mission Endowment Fund

UPC seeks to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God through a wide range of ministries. This endowment helps us support our engagement with mission and continually seek new opportunities for the work of peace and justice.

Julian Montgomery Endowment Fund

The UPC community is a loving family that supports one another through difficult times. Funds from the Julian Montgomery Endowment may be distributed at the senior pastor’s discretion to congregation members in need.