A rich tradition.

The rich history of University Presbyterian Church began in 1889. Originally formed from the Sunday school classes, organized by Mrs. R. M. Johnson and Mr. J. M. Brown, the church found its first home on San Bernard Street, in a building purchased by Rev. Purcell, in November of 1889. Since then, the church has lived in two additional locations: the building on Nueces Street, and the present site on San Antonio Street.


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UPC History Collection

The University Presbyterian Church History Collection is a digital archive containing five different item types: documents, bound materials, newspaper clippings, Images, and audio/video. Focused on major events, this site includes materials documenting the founding of the church, development of programs, church leaders, community involvement, and participation in social justice movements. The History Collection was created as part of a larger effort to make UPC’s rich archival collections accessible and searchable to church members and the public at large. The materials made available through this site will continue to grow over time, so be sure to make regular visits to see what new items have been added, and explore new facets of University Presbyterian Church history!