Adult Classes at UPC.

No matter your age, there is a place for you here. On any given Sunday morning — and throughout the week — you’ll find us deeply engaged in scripture, wrestling with the issues of the day, and creating space for fellowship, community, and care.

Right now, we are finding new ways to connect online. Adults of any age are welcome in any class, and we hope you’ll find within them a safe space to explore your faith in good company — so find the one that’s right for you!

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30 for conversations about faithful discipleship and for Bible study in our adult Christian formation classes. For more information, or to keep informed about new offerings, get in touch with Pastor Rachel Watson or subscribe to the church newsletter by clicking the buttons below.

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Living The Gospel In An Unjust World


Please join us for our UPC discussion class facilitated by Jon Eddison

Thursdays 10:00am-11:00am  ZOOM ONLY.


  • Our class discussions include: Climate change (global heating), Christian nationalism, government control of healthcare (reproductive freedom, transgender care, access to care), insurance company control of healthcare, and the gun culture in America. We continue to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Please join us for this class as you are able. 
  • Join us as we discuss major issues often avoided in church in this safe and supportive space.
  • Class interest guides our choice of topics. (No homework, no required reading, and no tests.)  
  • We discuss major issues, and how we as Christians can respond in these challenging times.  
  • Living the Gospel is an obligation. It is lifelong learning. 
  • We’re all entitled to our own opinions, just not to our own facts. 
  • You are very welcome in this group, you are welcome to invite friends, and you are very welcome to propose topics for discussion. 

We promise never to sell your personal information.