Growing in our witness.

One of the ways that we connect with the community around us is by engaging societal topics and issues through the lens of our Christian faith. We do this both by creating spaces for learning and conversation within our church community, and by fostering opportunities to act on social issues in our Presbyterian denomination and through civic engagement in Austin and Central Texas.


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Deepening our understanding.

On Sunday mornings, you are likely to find folks in conversation, working to connect issues in the world with the traditions and practices of Christian faith. Regular topics of conversation and class programming have recently included racism and reconciliation; gender justice; supportive parenting of LGBTQ+ children; election integrity, and more.

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Acting on our faith.

We are committed to collaborating with local partners, faith communities, and agencies to advance justice and healing in a broken world. As a member of the Micah 6 of Austin network of Austin-area churches, and in collaboration with Texas Impact, we seek to exercise our voice and witness to our convictions in opportunities like letter-writing campaigns, phone banks, prayer vigils, and peaceful assemblies.

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Want to learn more?

Opportunities to participate in UPC’s Social Witness appear regularly in the UPDate newsletter. Sign up here!

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